Rits Web Browser App: Smart, Secure, Fast & Private Browser.

Rits Web Browser: Why you should use this Super Smart App?

Rits Web Browser is the world's first smart web browser which comes with lots of extra benefits for smart people like you. It allows you to protect your privacy by blocking cookies.

It's the first of its kind, providing content as a buffet system such as News, Live TV, Radio, Games, travel, and many more like a super app.

This browser will save power, processor, and space consumption of your device, which can give you extra run time compared to other browsers.

You can earn reward points while using this smart app. And can redeem those points to avail of different services like purchasing products, mobile top-ups, and many more.

Rits web browser will also help you to find the cheapest flights,hotels cars, tour packages for you (like travels app) so that you can save your travel expenses and make your vacation more enjoyable.

"Use the world's first smart web browser(super app) and be the future you now."

ABOUT US: The team of Rits Web Browser

We are a team who believes content is life. We are consistently working hard to deliver you the right content for your browser. We also believe smart people like you can change the virtual world to a beautiful one using this smart super browser app. That's why we are inviting you to be part of this wonderful journey and make your life smarter.

What Benefits Rits Web Browser Can Offer?

3-times fast Browsing: Enjoy super fast browsing experience with this super app.

Light-weight: This web Browser requires less space on your device(20MB only).

Privacy: Enjoy the private browser app with a single tap.

Security: Domain cross matching, TLS encryption , Validity of domain certification and 3rd party integration ensure the secuirty of your browsing. And all the connection between the app and server are protected by TLS 2.5.

Get notofied: According to your susbscription this smart app will send you notifications of those stories that matters for you.

Exit: On ‘exit’ unlike other app ‘Rits Web Browser’ actually quit itself that enhance performance of your device- another smart feature that improve your device performance.

Curate content and services: We curate contents and services as buffet system for you so that you can focus on yourself and get engage whenever you want.

Reward Points: Earn reward points for your internet time, and spend your points to buy talk time, or products.

Save Your Money: What super feature you get here for free?

Realtime News: It will smarlty curate news whenever it happens and wherever it happens using the super power of AI.

Entertainment: This smart app will show you latest videos from the world, segmented by language and modes.

Live TV: With the power of AI, you can enjoy live streaming of your favourit TV channels for free.

Live Radio: Another smart feature for you: you can listen to your favorite radio station for free.

Travel services: Find the cheapest and best deals for flights, hotels, or cars when you need them, even at the last hour. Skip the agency commission and save your travel expenses.

Ad-Free youtube: Enjoy ad-free youtube for free.

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Rits web browser is the only smart & private browser App from Bangladesh which has been recognized locally and internationally with awards.

We got the FIRST Merit Award of "APICTA Awards 2017" in Communication Category. For more information visit: apicta.org.bd/categories

We got the champion trophy of "BASIS National ICT Awards 2017" in Communication Category. For more information visit: apicta.org.bd/categories

We got Merit Award on ASIA SMART APP Awards 2021 by WTIA, Hong Kong. For more information visit: https://contest2021.bestasiaapp.hk/2021-winners/

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